How do you store your Lego?

Lego table

We recently had a request on our Facebook page from Leigh to share tips for storing Lego bricks;   “I have two boys who love Lego but storage is our biggest problem! Any ideas/photos would be wonderful.”


We hear your pain Leigh, especially when storage according to no. 1 son means spreading Lego on the floor to step through like a mine field.


We have trialed many storage options in our house.  When our son was young and had only a handful of sets, we diligently stored his sets in the boxes they came in.  But there came a time when his bedroom resembled a toy store and we simply ran out of room.  He also progressed from building not only the sets but using his own imagination to create his masterpieces using the assorted pieces from numerous sets.  Keeping them in boxed sets was no longer practical.


Lego Storage

We then purchased one of those large plastic tubs and all of his bricks were stored there, but finding the piece he wanted was not easy and the tub on most occasions was emptied on the floor and spread from one corner of the house to the other.


Eventually, we decided to sort by colour and then by size.  Bricks up to 2 studs wide are stored in smaller containers so they can easily be sorted, transparent pieces are kept separately as are wheels and mini figures   This is the system we still use with clear containers from Big W and a second hand book shelf.  Ring binders are great for storing instruction booklets.


By looking at this photograph you may be fooled into thinking we are super organised but our reality is more like the photo below;


When our son has an idea for a Lego creation, order of any sort seems to stifle his creativity.  Entire tubs of coloured pieces are emptied to find the one piece he needs and 99% of the time the remaining pieces are not returned to their colour coded tubs or their allocated space on that fine bookshelf.  Instead they are left for Mum and Dad to help sort later. 🙂


 We purchased the sort and store Lego head which does come in handy for sifting out those tiny pieces but is not nearly large enough for storage.


The other great thing we have at our house is this re-purposed train table.  It has tiny walls on the edges to keep (or should I say minimise the amount of)  Lego from falling on the floor and it means he does not need to pack up his bricks at the end of each building session.


Lego table

If your children still have a moderate amount of Lego these bags are a great idea.  Just spread it out on the floor to play then pull on the draw string to tidy up.  Brikbag is an Australian  product and is  available online here or from these stockists.





How do you store your Lego Bricks?  Share your ideas below.


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