Addison-Lego-Head-webWelcome to Brick Fiction, the Brick inspired world of Addison and his little sister Evelyn. They both LOVE to design and build with Bricks and their Mum Carol loves to photograph their creations. Together, they make a great team.

It all started when Addison constructed the letters to spell out a friend’s name. These brick letters were photographed and placed on a birthday card. His friend loved it and Addison was inspired to complete the entire alphabet. He also constructed numbers 0 – 9.

With the help and support of his parents, Brick Fiction was founded in 2011. Today, Addison and his sister are responsible for concept development and brick construction. They have developed their still photography skills and assist with all photography. Editing is performed by their Mum, Carol. Design ideas have evolved to include scenes featuring favourite mini figures and creations and Addison’s little sister has introduced a range of designs especially for girls.

Most of their designs are published online and available for purchase from our Redbubble store. People from all over the globe have supported this venture by purchasing Brick Fiction designs on items including greeting cards, prints, t-shirts, mugs, phone covers, cushions, tote bags and more!

Watch this space for more to come!




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